I’m a food-crazy Singaporean student, pursuing a sensory science masters in a joint programme between Wageningen University (NL) and the University of Copenhagen (DK). [Current location: NL] For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to be in the kitchen, to bake, cook, eat, study, photograph, discuss and browse blogs about food. And dream about having my own blog someday….but HMMM… let’s just say I’m quite a master of procrastination.

Six months ago, the motivation finally came with timely inspirations and little shoving from friends. An awesome teenage food blogger (17 and Baking), an encouraging fellow food science classmate (thx Wei2!) and my friends’ new food blogging venture (lovya Chris & Ying!) — made me realize that having my own food blog would be an absolutely wonderful way to get organized and to build up and pass on my food knowledge.

Here I will post some of my collections of my eats and cooks and random musings, most of which are usually born out of my desire to prove to friends that good food need not necessarily be laden with calories, cost a fortune nor be creations of geniuses. Studying food systems and eating behaviors might be awfully complex, but enjoying food is as simple as can be. Just good simple food with the right company is all it takes to make the world go round.:)

Edited 10 / 09 / 10.

*Note: Now that I’m back in the NL for my research thesis, it’s a whole new situation with new emotions, new objectives, and a new set of factors / constraints to deal with (time, ingredients, prices, kitchen equipment and eaters of my cooking). I’ll try my best to keep on posting and see where this leads to!

  1. Love it! Such a professional outlook! 🙂 Will definitely give some of your recipes a try some time!!

  2. Hello! Now I don’t have to bug you for recipes anymore 😉

  3. Dear I am so happy that you are finally doing it! Honored to be part of your journey 😉

  4. Btw can I just say that it’s super inspiring to spot that BIG Healthy sign in your tag cloud? love it!

  5. WOW! Bravo, Grace!

    Such a wonderful idea! Will definitely visit your blog more often! Maybe will learn some recipes some day, haha!
    I am trying to write a food blog too, but all in Chinese, LOL!

  6. gosh thanks everyone! 🙂 I’m feeling really(x1000) encouraged by all the comments and visits! you know how lazy I get especially with writing;)

    hlyf bug all you want, happy to share and entertain any requests! but first, I’ve got a million recipes and photos and I can’t decide what to post. sheesh! final exams next week and i’m full steam on everything else besides revisions LOL.

  7. WOw Grace! the site looks really good and inspirational! Respect! keep up the good work 🙂

  8. I love your blog but I haven’t thought of any geeky question to ask you yet, so I’ll leave a comment here first =D It’s dinner time soon!

  9. This is great, Gracie!!! =) I will definitely come more often!! =)

  10. Thank you for the student 10 minute salmon in milk recipe for microwave. Just what I was looking for. Perfect!

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