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In Eats on June 29, 2010 at 2:54 pm

Nom time!!!!

Picture source: <http://trendsupdates.com/cheap-food-in-singapore/&gt;

After a couple of days of traveling (15h CPH-AMS train + 15h AMS-FRA-SIN flight), I am now back in my little food heaven. Yeh, after 11 months of adapting to European cuisines and stifling super-civilized dining culture…HERE I AM, FINALLY, where stuffing the face with food, eating with hands, binging at  buffets, food trails, and talking about the best rojak / laksa / etc in town are once again accepted social behavior that are embraced with explosive enthusiasm.

Gosh I have so many food cravings to satisfy that I wonder if these 5 weeks back in sweltering Singapore will even be sufficient to consume all those calories….Though Singapore might be so small that you could see it in a day (710km^2 vs NL’s 41,526km^2 and DK’s 43,098km^2), to really really experience Singapore’s eating obsession…. that would probably take you a year and a half of breakfasts lunches dinners and suppers. 🙂

I guess I won’t be cooking till I settle back down in the Netherlands for my master’s thesis. So for these 5 weeks home + 2 weeks traveling in Czech Republic + 3 weeks organic farming in Hungary, I’m just gonna be one munching machine.

Till then, hang around and I will be showing you some of my favourite EATS, and probably do some catching up on backlogged recipe posts. 😉


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