Orange Overload!

In Dutch, Eats on May 5, 2010 at 11:13 am

It was great to be back in NL, even better that it was QUEEN’S DAY and SPRING! The Dutch sure are one crazy bunch of party-ers with their wild spirit of wacky orange party antics! With the biggest annual Dutch celebration of the Queen’s (mother’s) birthday, orange is the colour to be in and partying is the central activity on the agenda. But despite being one of the most creative and comedic bunch of people I’ve ever met (when it involves partying or funny random discussions), they aren’t exactly the most adventurous when it comes to food (or as the saying goes: Wat de boer niet kent dat eet hij niet / what the farmer does not know, he does not eat LOL)…..but WAIT, don’t go yet, I’ve still got some treats coming up for you!

Although I once complained loads about the monotony of breakfasting on bread with excessively sweet toppings, lunching on the same bread with ham and gouda cheese (one cheese, one ham to be specific. unexplainable.), dinner on potato mashes (stamppot)… and snacking on cakes and cookies of every shape and size of the same flavours (butter or speculaas)…..experiencing Dutch again after being away for 3 months in Copenhagen was surprisingly comforting. Now, ontbijtkoek (spiced breakfast cake) and broodje hagelslag (bread with chocolate sprinkles) possesses a new charm for me- a feeling of comfort and familiarity that tugs at the heart the way ice-cream sandwiches and kaya toast does for homesick Singaporeans. That’s when I realized I’ve been such a food snob* to judge the Dutch for what is simply Culture.

*’anyone who practises overt social or cultural bias… who insist too loudly on a scale of values’ -Alain de Botton
hagelslag | stroopwafel |ontbijtkoek | fluffybread | bischuit | gouda cheese | bapao | littleparties | bigparties | soppymusic | dutchbarstandards | orangefever | multitaskingcyclists | dutchifiedindonesianess | coolbunchofwagbuddies… miss them alllll!:)

If you’re not in the Netherlands and don’t have access to a whole supermarket shelf of hagelslag varieties, you’ve gotta grab some plain ol’ chocolate sprinkles from your baking department and try this:

Generously topped on buttered fluffy bread. Delicious!

PS: I’ve now got an ample supply of ontbijtkoek with me. Any suggestions on NEW ways of eating it are most welcome! 🙂 Maybe brunost. hahaha…. we’ll see! 😀

  1. Yeahhh, boterham met hagelslag!! Thanks so much for bringing this to CPH for me 😀

    What about meatballs with ontbijtkoek instead of normal bread crumbs?
    Or thicken some savoury sauce with dark beer, onions, and warming spices?
    Maybe it’s toastable?
    Or uhm…maybe in a pie crust, stuffed with (savoury) pumpkin and pecans?
    Or dipped in white chocolate?
    Or as part of a filling (sugarfree/banana/walnut?) for small phylo dough turnovers? Sprinkeled with powdered sugar?
    Okay, I stop..:P

    (btw, where did you find that brunost? It sounds so tasty, but they don’t seem to sell it in the grocery stores :()

  2. oh yes boterham! hahaha broodje is the round balls of bread, ja? now i rmb a friend telling me the difference a long long time ago… hehe.

    wow great ideas!! ok i’ll try some out soon before they all disappear (you know my snacking tendencies) yes yes also think the chocolate will work! i shared the ontbijtkoek with the danish students in the class and they told me they have a honey cake that is similar, which they dip in chocolate 😀 when i finish clearing my stash of rugbrød, i’ll buy some fluffy bread and try a toastie with ontbijtkoek and fillings. i can already sense that it’s going to taste good!

    i bought the brunost during my trip in norway 😛 i’m almost out, except for a few dried out scraps that i can’t bear to finish haha… i was told by my landlady that they will sell it in some of the more specialized supermarkets here, but i’ve yet to manage to find it… if i do, i’ll let you know! if not, i vaguely recall i’ve seen it in a Swedish supermarket and i can get it for you the next time i visit my supervisor in Lund 😛

  3. You’re right, boterhammen are the slices and broodjes the individual baked ones. Although ‘broodje’ sounds really cute when used in an English context by a non-Dutchy 🙂
    You want to make a sort of tosti out of it? Sounds like a good idea, I’m curious what you will come up with!
    Would be great if you want to bring Brunost back from Sweden 😀 If I happen to find it before, I will give you a call. Just googled and found some ost butik in the neighbourhood, so maybe…with a little luck..

  4. Hey Grace! I only read this post now 😉 I have another suggestion for the Ontbijtkoek. When I have a long day, I like to bring bread (yes, the same bread) with slices of Ontbijtkoek inbetween. It’s a great combination and even when your bread gets all squeezed up and mushy (?), it still tastes good!

    Anyway. You’re somewhere in Eastern Europe now. Enjoy, see you when you get back to NL! Have fun!

  5. Hagelslag en pindakaas op een boterham!! 🙂

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